Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I like craigslist.

But I am not one of those people that spends time on it for no reason.

However - on the occasion I am on it - I often come across amusing things. So I thought I might as well post the occasional amusing craigslist ad on my blog.

So now.... imagine if you will the person who is giving this away and the person who would want this....

30 FREE, organically fed, free range, egg producing chickens for give away


is it me - or is this ad totally Victoria?

last week

1) Outdoor heated patio
2) Bookstore Sale
3) Having work at work
4) my new second home
5) searching for balance
6) Kate and her horsey
7) Tea Store
8) Cheese
9) My fabulous parents
10) My fabulous boyfriend
11) Mail!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I just heard someone on t.v. refer to attending the westminister dog show as being successful in their "sport"

a dog show?


a sport?

that makes ice dancing look like a triathalon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This post is dedicated to Linda, who I have never, and will never, meet.

So on the advice of the above, I decided to read Diana Gabalon's famous book "Outlander". It is the first (I believe?) in a series about Claire, a young woman who accidently managed to get herself transported back in time 200 years (so from like 1947 to 1747 or something like that). And she is torn between her love for her 1947 husband and her 1747 young dashing stranger. It's all very intense.

And I have to say - the book was fabulous. It was not the most well-written novel I have ever read, but it reminded me of Harry Potter insofar as the quality of the storytelling made up for any deficits in the writing.

(seriously - everytime the main character spoke, it was followed by "she said dryly" or "she said seriously" or "she said coquettishly" etc. which does not good writing make. There was also a lot of times she seemed to be showing off her vocabulary which ended up being distracting - but I digress).

So yes - the story was excellent. I used to read a lot more than I do now - and this is the first time in a while I finished an 800page book in less than a week (Harry Potter books notwithstanding). The only thing I didn't like was that there are very intense scenes towards the end which I maybe understand why she needed to put them in to demonstrate the depths of human despair and the power of human love - but they were too much for me. They were so disturbing that they took away, for me, from one of the best stories I ever read in a long time.

Again - like Harry Potter - she makes people who don't usually read fantasy suspend their belief. You really do believe that it is possible she went back in time, the way you really do believe there can be wizards. And though I would still rather be Hermoine than Claire, it would be pretty cool to be Claire.

I believe.

Little Children

Last weekend I rented the movie little children.

All I know about this movie before I rent it is that it stars Kate Winslet, is at least partially about a pedophile and was nominated for several academy awards.

Kate Winslet is, I think, the only actor or actress whose movie I would see solely because they are in it. I think she is fabulous and makes fabulous movies.

Little children certainly had it's fabulous moments. But it was also really strange. I think I have fairly middle of the road taste in movies, leaning a little bit towards indie films, but Little Children was definetly a little weird.

I really want to read a 4th year film student paper about the movie to help me get it.

I think it is about struggling against your life, and that the struggle is most likely fruitless, and the struggle can possibly, but most likely will not, be redeeming?


Sunday, November 11, 2007


So today - just to mix it up - I had a peppermint mocha. It was nice - but I will be returning to the regularly scheduled eggnog chai tomorrow.

Monday, November 05, 2007

so apparently I am ignorant

Monday is my day off (in addition to Saturday and Sunday) and so I usually go out in the morning to do schoolwork and then come home around lunchtime to have lunch. Well today, at 1pm, as I was having lunch, I was watching "Engaged and Underaged" on MTV. The first time I saw this show was last Monday at 1pm, and I am now hooked. (Go ahead, judge me, i am already judging myself).

In any case - the 19 year old fiancee was upset that her fiance's mother did not like her. So when the guy says "you and my mom just have different personalities" his finacee says "well that's just ignorant. If you don't like someone because of their personality than you're just ignorant".

Now - I obviously can't speak for everyone - but for me, I actually find the primary reason that I like or dislike someone is because of their personality. Now - if I meet someone new I might try to focus aspects of their personality that I like rather than aspects of their personality that I don't - but in the end, it does come down to personality.

There could be a highly moral and good person who just happens to have a caustic or annoying or boring personality. And I might respect that person and hold them in high esteem, but if I don't like their personality, I probably don't like them.

So I'm not exactly sure what criteria this particular young woman was using to decide when and why one should be liked. And if it's not personality, I'm not exactly what it is. And so apparently, I must be ignorant.

one friend's opinion

so maybe it's not everyone's cup of eggnog latte

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Eggnog Latte

Right now, this very moment, I am sitting in a Victoria Starbucks (using an external wireless provider for free!) and quitely celebrating the fact that I can now purchae an Eggnog Latte! For the record, I did not purchase an eggnog latte as I am here to do school-stuff, and therefore could not be relaxed to truly enjoy the first eggnog latte of the season (so I have a chai latte instead). But I have been thinking of some of the pros and cons of the eggnog latte which I would now like to share with you, the viewer.

pro: It is delicious

con: It is expensive (and I am poor)

pro: It fills me with Christmas Cheer

con: It is not exactly healthy, especially considering how much better it tastes with 2% than with skim.

pro: It is one more reason to come to starbucks

con: It is one more reason to come to starbucks

In conclusion: rationally: I should avoid the eggnog latte. Luckily, I am not rational, and therefore, in conclusion: Yay eggnog latte!!

ONE MINUTE LATER: I just remembered.... Chai Eggnog Lattes!!! Well - that certainly ends any doubts I may have had regarding the quandary of the eggnog latte.