Friday, January 27, 2006

friday night. relaxing. alone. without guilt. first time in a long time.

i am watching law and order.

there is a character from Kiev. He is Russian.

KIEV!! not in RUSSIA!! anyways.... dick wolf, I'll forgive you this time. this time!!

today i was talking to my friend S. (I've decided that we are friends - and that makes me happy) and i was telling her about how amazing D. was and telling her all about him and the stuff that he does (not even what he says - just what he does) and i was so happy just talking about it and she was very impressed. mmmmm.... happy.

tonight i am going to watch the end of law and order - read my new magazine - and go to sleep early. get up. go for a walk. have coffee. clean my apartment. and do loads of school work.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

polisci thoughts.


just to set the record straight. just because stephen harper had asthama and walks his kids to school doesn't mean he is a good person - or the kind of person i want leading my country.
what is does mean is that it gives canada a minute to regroup and the liberal party/NDP a chance to develop a new vision - which they can use to ultimately make Canada a stronger country.

There is a theory in CanPolitics that Canada is a Liberal Country - in that historically speaking it has been governed by liberal rule with a couple breaks when Conservatives governed - which i think is true.

anyways - as for Paul Martin stepping down... I really like Paul Martin as how I percieve him to be as a person - however - I get why he did it - better to resign with dignity than be forced out (Jean Cretian). But yes. I wish that history had been different to Paul Martin. and that he had had a chance to be the type of leader which he was capable of being.

Monday, January 23, 2006

thinking thoughts


1) Joey Gladstone.... Gay? I think maybe.

2) I voted. I would voted Green except my riding was going to split NDP/Conservative so I employed une petite peu of strategic voting. The coverage will begin in five minutes.

stupid ontarionians get to vote for 2 1/2 more hours than us B.C.ers. oh good lord I just refered to myself as a what is this world coming to.

may i also just say - i am really lucky at this moment in time. D :)

There is a man on t.v. whose job it is to taste chocolate. yeah. that could be me. well not really.

Also - kids - stay tuned - next (next?) weekend for SuperBowl XL featuring - that's right. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Who after Indiana is my favourite team in the league.

word on the street is a conservative minority govt. this makes me happy. hate me friends. hate me family. hate me toronto. hate me ontario. hate me every social democratic. i don't care. i am happy with a conservative minority.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

today. today is gonna be the day that we're gonna throw it back to you.


so aside from the not-fun world of my vagina today was a good day.

school is good. i saw a bunch of people. chatted.

a really cute boy kept checking me out on the bus today.

i got to wake up next to someone i think is beautiful inside and out.

and now i have a lot of work to do tonight. i just want to go to sleep.

why am i trying to do an extra class? too much work!!!

tomorrow i'm headed to van-city. woo-hoo. rock. rock. rock.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006



i bought a new robe. a robe from jacob. it is wonderful. it was $20. which is not a lot of money. and it makes me very happy. easily $20- worth of happiness. life is good.

today i bought D.'s birthday gift. it is not nearly as good as a the trombone. but nothing will ever be again. i peaked too early. i need to clean my apartment. and do schoolwork. oh oh. just like every other day.

Monday, January 16, 2006



i am in a really really weird mood just this second.


i feel i to do something.

some drastic.

like go argentina.

right now.

it's weird.

earlier today i was thinking how amazing content and happy i felt.

i also feel like there are too many people in the world.

i am feeling claustraphobic. in the global sense.

yeah. that's exactly how i feel. which is why i want to escape. though there are people most everywhere i suppose.

my brain chemical must be going crazy for some reason. weird.


look to the left
look to the right
stand up
sit down
fight fight fight


i added a link on the side of my blog.

it is to the

this is not what's exciting.

what's exciting is that my techno-literacy skills are beginning to approach that of a 7 year old.

the age-old story

starring girl and boy.

Girl: I like you!

Boy: I don't just like you....
I really like you!

Girl: That's so not fair.

in other news - i haven't got nearly enough work done today.

in other news - i really like D :)

and also juice.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

sunday. morning. almost noon.

last night i had leftovers from a restaurant for dinner. far yummier than i could cook myself.

this morning i had yogurt and an apple for breakfast. sound healthy? i don't have any milk or bread....

i got all the reading done i wanted to do last night and this morning. i'm still a bit behind schedule, but i'm going to move things around a bit and i should be okay.

i think that this term might be what last term should have been. i.e. lots of work.

yesterday i went to a seminar "TA II". i learned how to be a better TA. except not really. oh well. i got a free lunch. yay for not cooking yesterday!!

i am going to hang with D. tonight which might be our last together before his bday. on friday. i need to buy him a prezzie. i'm thinking maybe some lingerie. a present for him for me for him. what can i say? i am the queen of thoughtful.

now to take the towel off my head, get dressed, and go to school.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

thursday morning

it is thrusday morning.

i have a fair bit of reading to do today. boo.

i am also still feeling uncomfortable.

please note i did no reading yesterday b/c of my uncomfortablness. not a good start to the term.

D. is in my bed at the moment. he is sleeping. i don't want to disturb him b/c i know that he doesn't always sleep super well. but he is just so darn cute.

usually i love my vagina, but at this moment.... not really so much.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

warning: if you weren't okay with the diva cup post, definetly avoid this post.


i am sick. well. okay. not sick. but infected. with yeast. it is multiplying out of control in my body. i need a yogurt i.v. hooked up to my veins!! and even treated the sympotoms still persist for bit. i for one feel as though i will be incapable of doing anything until the have stopped completely. my entire 3lbs brain and all 140 of my IQ points (haha don't I wish) are focused on this one, single, horribly irritating part of my body.

i want to be matzah bread. and unleven. oh if only i could be unleven. unleave me!!! please. please. unleave me.

i want to talk to call someone and complain. however, as hard as i try, i can't think of anyone who would actually care, or maybe not care, more like, want to hear about it. yes. so that's my post.

Monday, January 09, 2006


canada. debate. martin. harper. layton. duceppe. fight. fight. fight.

"toronto is not detroit, vancouver is not south los angels"

okay. so this weekend was the most amazing weekend ever. amazing. weekend. why you ask? 6ft blue eyes. five letters.

tonight. debate. dinner. school. sigh. school.

i have a half dozen roses. and amazing friends. i love being back. but i loved being at home. i am so lucky to have the friends i do (even if none of them are here). i talked to amy for over an hour on sat. switzerland is far away. tara and amy are travelling lots etc. and it makes me think. do i want that to be my life? do i want to live internationally? travel every weekend? i don't know. i used to think maybe. now i think maybe not. i need to find a balance between being happy and settled and cozy versus boring and uninspired.

these are my thoughts.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

sunday morning

sunday morning.


i am going to go to the store and buy stuff. then we are going to make french toast for breakfast. i might also pick up a latte. mmmmmmm coffee. tonight grey's (i hope - it wasn't on last week but i'm assuming t.v. is back on its pre-holiday schedule).

i talked to amy on the phone. that made me really happy. i feel very content and i have hope. for the first time in a while. second semester may still yet crush my girlish dreams - but for now i have hope.

Friday, January 06, 2006


back in vic.

still alive.

saw devin.

have class in an hour.

flight not great.

middle seat. lots of turbulence.

listening to new GBS c.d.

love GBS.

$70.00 phone bill.

including $13 phone call to belfast.

so not to bad.

still have to unpack.... everything.

plus organize all my still unorganized stuff from last term.


peace out.