Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things I Love - in no order and to varying degrees

1) James Spader
2) Honesty
3) Sweaters
4) Red Nails and Red Lips
5) Long Necklaces
6) Craft Fairs
7) Presents (both giving and receiving)
8) Dogs
9) The fairy lights in Oak Bay Village at Christmastime
10) Devin

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Sampler of my Thoughts

1) On Sunday I went to Starbucks twice. Once alone and once with someone. Both times (at two seperate starbucks) they got my order wrong! The first time it was half-sweet instead of half caf (I sent that one back) and the second time it had light-whip instead of no whip. But I decided just to go ahead and have the whip cream :)

2) I was supposed to buy this afternoon. I have no milk. This means tomorrow I will not be able to have ceral for breakfast. So I will either have yogurt, or buy a muffin instead.

3) Now that I have a roommate - I find I am cleaning more than I ever did when I lived by myself. I don't know if this is because it's not only my "dirt" or because my roommate is not especially tidy/clean but it's kinda nice to look at something that is cleaner than it was 5 minutes previously because of your hard work. That being said - I still do not like cleaning and would love to live alone again to enjoy my own (and not someone else's) mess.

4) Tonight I need to iron. Ironing and cleaning floors are my two least favourite chores. Plus both my iron and my ironing board suck! so that makes it especially frustrating.

5) Someone should send me mail!

6) I have been trying to imagine having three children and I can't. I just can't. It's beyond my ability to imagine myself as the mother of three. I can imagine waking up tomorrow being the Prime Minisiter of Canada - but not a mother of three. So in conclusion - the more I think about it - the more impressed I am.

Friday, October 12, 2007

so I guess I'll be needing directions to 24 Sussex

Nick Galifianakis for The Washington Post
(used entirely without permission)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

speaking of babies...

The other night I had a dream that babies came from cupcakes. You would bring home a cupcake (or two) and once you got home you would open the cupcake and there would be a baby inside. In my dream I had 5 cupcakes (but I was going to give three of them to my aunts who needed someone elses cupcakes). And my 5 cupcakes were smaller than regular cupcakes (which makes sense, because multiples are usually lower birth rate babies). And the first cupcake I opened had a girl inside and I decided to name her Harry or Henry. And the second cupcake I opened had a boy baby inside and I decided to name him Harry (because apparently I am neither clever nor creative).

Anyways - I feel of all the foods that babies could come in, cupcakes would be right up there. Also fruits, like maybe a pomegranite would be a nice place for a baby to come from. In any case, I am sure all this baby-cupcake dreaming is related to the newest member of Devin's family - who I hear, despite not coming from a cupcake, is super cute and doing well - which is excellent! even more excellent than cupcakes!

Monday, October 08, 2007


So today is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving! I had one thanksgiving Turkey dinner on Saturday which was quite nice. Aside from that, I spent most of the weekend waiting on Devin hand and foot taking care of a sick Devin. Although as of yesterday/today he is now strong enough to go outside so I feel fairly confident that he is on the mend.

I hope everyone reading this had a lovely weekend. In the past five years I have only spent one Thanksgiving with my family. But I think that's the nice thing about Thanksgiving - of all the major holidays it is the most inclusive and the one where new traditions develop. For me, Thanksgiving is about creating community, unlike Christmas which I like to be the same, I like that Thanksgiving is sometimes different.

Also this weekend I watched the movie "The Departed". It was excellent. I hadn't seen it yet and it was really good. The acting was fabulous and it was super well directed and it made me proud of my Irish gangster hertiage (well - 2 out of 3). And a few weeks ago I finished "A Jest of God" by Margaret Lawrence. It was really really good. And really Canadian. And really introspective. And so honest. So that's my little Thanksgiving weekend arts review!