Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sage Advice

Today Miss Manners offers advice on a problem that I think we've all had.

How do you handle those awkward moments when you are sitting in a hot tub with your naked neighbour? Now you can find out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want one!

Taken from the Globe and Mail Daily Photos Slideshow

Seriously.... I just need a house and a yard and someone to walk in the rain and the snow and I am totally getting a dog!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Some problems we share as women, some we do not. You fear your children will grow up to join the patriarchy and testify against you, we fear our children will be dragged from a car and shot down in the street, and you will turn your backs upon the reasons they are dying."

Audre Lorde, Black Feminist Scholar

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thing of the Week....

Vanilla Caramel Latte Ice Cream

"A sensual blend of our rich coffee ice cream and a fine caramel ripple swirled with vanilla ice cream to create a sophisticated flavour sure to please the discerning palate of coffee connoisseurs."

This is how ice cream is meant to be.

Friday, March 07, 2008

book of the week

Bee Season

This is one of two books I will be profiling this week purchased at my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. The best way to buy books!

This was an entertaining story about a messed up family (aren't we all). It dealt with the differences between how a person is seen from the outside and how they are on the inside. It's main theme was about finding your place - identifying your role - in the universe. It was entertaining and made me think. But it was also a little pedestrian. And it was turned into a movie starring Richard Gere which I am totally going to rent.

The Stone Diaries - Carol Sheilds

This books won the pulitizer and was shortlisted for the Booker so it definetely has the pedigree. Overall it was very good. I enjoyed reading it. It was really well-written. But it just didn't do it for me. It didn't grab me. I didn't make me want to tell everyone I know about how great it was. I think part of the reason may be because it covers the entire life of a woman and the older she got the less I felt I connected with character and the less I cared about what I was reading. This could easily be because I am still so young that I could not appreciate the book in its entertity. That being said - I totally get why someone would fall in love with it.

As an aside...

I absolutely loved the Time Travellers Wife. I thought it was great. Really good story telling. And soon to be in a theatre near you starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

And without reading it I could tell you that I would not like Eat, Pray, Love. And after talking with a friend who read it - whose review was extremely similar to that over at "counting the things I know" my initial pre-judgment was confirmed.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Dear Starbucks,

I know you and I (and you a millions of others) have a special relationship. I trust you. I trust your eggnog lattes and your pumpkin spice lattes and, after some initial hesitation, your cinnamon dolce lattes. And though I agree with this week's Globe column regarding your problem not being your coffee, but rather you horrible horrible food, I have always supported your coffee.

until now.

In theory a honey latte sounds lovely. I like honey. I like lattes. Honey is sweet. I like sweet lattes. But oh starbucks. The other morning I ordered a honey latte (minus the whip cream) and I took a sip. It was disgusting. Wanting to make sure I took a second sip. No. Still gross. So I returned it to the counter and had them make me a complimentary vanilla latte. I don't understand? You have teams of experts who consult on this kind of stuff. Taste specialists! Is it just me? Is that it? I still love you starbucks - but my trust in your judgment has just taken a hit.

Quote of the day:

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best----" and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.