Thursday, August 14, 2008

whats on my mind this week

1) A caper is a vegetable. The other day Devin and I were watching Top Chef and someone referred to a caper as a vegetable. And I turned to Devin and said "a caper is a vegetable?" and he said "yes, what did you think it was?" And I guess I had never really thought about it before. Because really - what else could a caper be?

2) The other day I was in the campus photocopy place and a young man (20 or so) asked for thirty colour copies of his resume. And I wanted to tell him that there was no earthly reason to have a resume that was in colour. And that, in fact, it made him look unprofessional. However, as it was clearly none of my business I said nothing.

3) I know that a lot of people are disappointed with how Canada is doing in the Olympics. And I know that I am sad that Canada has so far won no medals. And I read that countries like the US and Russia manage to convert international success into medals 60% of the time, and Canada is only able to do so 30% of the time. But at least as far as the pool is concerned, I am super proud of all the Canadian athletes. What more can you ask from your athletes than personal bests and national records.

4) However, the Olympics have preempted Coronation Street which does not make me happy :)


Devo said...

I only call it a vegetable because it is a bud of a plant, so I figure that if it comes from a plant it must be a vegetable.

liz said...

okay - so I did some investigation (on wiki) and apparently a caper is not a vegetable but a fruit! Capers that we know and love are the buds of the fruit, and if the bud was allowed to mature it would be a caperberry! Who knew?